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Annecto creates new connections in real-time, and space with people in your
fields of interest while working, traveling, attending special events and beyond.

Annecto can be utilized in three options: transportations, event, and location.

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Any public space, from airport to a mall, Annecto allows you customers to
connect with others at your facility and also be informed of what is offered.

Virtual Networking Platform
Annecto transforms your space into an ongoing real time networking platform,
which will make it more friendly and attractive without any investment needed.
You will be able to reach your customers directly as you will access to customize
the ad banner in the application.

If your building is not equipped with WIFI, we will provide you with a compact
device that will facilitate the use of the application without having to access to the

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For Event Organizers
Annecto will enhance your attendees experience by multiplying their opportunity
to network and connect at your event. The platform encourages both specific
professional networking, while providing a space to create face- to face
encounters. Augmenting the possibilities of networking with individuals with
common and varied interest will create a buzz around your event.

Virtual Networking Platform Service
Annecto transforms your event into a networking platform. Your attendees will
have at their disposal of people connected at hand and network more humanly.
Annecto will provide you with add banners within application so you can reach
out to your attendees with special offers of your sponsors.

If the building where you are hosting your event does not have WiFi, we will
provide a compact device that will allow your guests to use the application
without connecting to the Internet.

When checking-in to the event, Annecto users will be asked to enter a code
that you will provide. Every event has a unique secure code that allows your
attendees to be invisible to other users outside the event only your registered
guests can network at your event.

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Transportation Companies

Virtual Networking Platform Service
By empowering your passengers to network and connect, Annecto transforms
your fleet into a real-time networking platform, which enables you to offer a
high-end service experienced onboard. You will be able to directly reach your
passengers, as you will be granted full access through a customized ad banner
that will appear on the application.

Know your passenger
Knowing the taste, the interest, and the professional profile of your passenger
is key to understanding how you can provide an optimal service. Annecto can
provide information such as travel trends for destination, or time of year, and
seasonal variations. It provides you with anonymous information on a regular
basis. Thus, you will know about your target customers while respecting their

Onboard System
If your fleet does not have Internet access on board, we can provide a compact
device that will allow your guests to use the application.

When checking-in by transporter, Annecto users will be asked to provide their
booking code or ticket number that will be sent to your system for verification.
Only passengers who are registered on a specific route will be able to check in
onboard. They will be visible to passengers, traveling on the same vessel. The
identity of your guests is always protected, and respected.

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Is it free to connect and send messages over Annecto?
Provided you have an adequate Internet data plan for your smartphone or you are within range of a Wi-Fi network, it is free to use and connect with Annecto.
If you are concerned about data usage, we recommend that you use, if possible, a Wi-Fi connection. If your phone is roaming, additional mobile data charges may apply.

How does Annecto work?
Annecto uses your GPS or your Internet connection to determine your location so it can display professionals near you and vice versa. Maps are provided by the Google Maps application on your phone.
Note that GPS allows a more accurate positioning if you have a clear view of the sky.

What is the refresh rate of the list and map view?
Only users who have logged in will appear in the search list, which is refreshed every 30 seconds. Note that people you have blocked will not appear in the results.

Are my chats stored on Annecto servers?
In order to protect your privacy, Annecto will never store your conversation history on its servers. All conversation will remain on your phone and you will have up to 5 days worth of messages stored on your phone (this is for the free version; there is no limit for the pro version). In addition, your messages are encrypted.

What happens when I block someone?
When you block someone, you will no longer receive messages from him or her via Annecto. Also, you will not show up in the search results of the blocked person's phone and vice versa. In order to block or unblock a person, please go in the app settings.

Does Annecto use your information for marketing purposes?
We will never sell to or share your personal information with a third party for marketing purposes.
If you have selected the option 'allow talent search to contact me', we will only provide public information to these specific persons. No email or phone number will be shared without your direct consent.

How can I protect my privacy?
Annecto offers you three levels of privacy that are available in both the free and pro versions of the app:

Level 1 (Maximized for opportunities and contacts): Your profile is viewable by anyone and you will appear in all nearby search results.
Level 2 (Optimized for professional networking): Your profile is viewable only by people in the same field or company.
Level 3 (Tailored for selective and private networking): Your information will not be shared with other members. However your profile will still appear in the search results under the anonymous status 'Private Annecto user '. You will be able to connect to other members and vice versa.

What are the differences with the check-in possibilities?
Annecto offers you three different ways of checking in.
1. By location: the app automatic detects your position using your GPS or your Internet connection. Your position is then mapped using Google Maps.
2. By event: If the event (conference, symposium, party etc.) you are attending is using Annecto, you will be given a unique code that will allow you to connect with other participants.
3. By means of transportation: Whether you are travelling by train or plane or cruise, you will need to enter your train, flight number or select your cruise to be able to meet the other passengers and optimize your time, either waiting or while on board, with new encounters.

Note that these options are independent of each other. Therefore, when you check in to a specific event or on a flight or ride, you will not appear in the search list of people checked in by location. This is done to enhance your privacy and maximizes your networking opportunities during your time at a conference or during your journey.

What is Annecto-pro?
Annecto-pro is the premium version of the app that allows you, for 2.99$, to enjoy enhanced features such as:
- Locating professionals up to 5km from your position (instead of 500m for the free version)
- Continuing an existing conversation with someone outside the 5km radius (example: a person that you met at an event in Singapore and who'd lost his / her phone number)
- Unlimited message history (so go beyond the 5-day limit)
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This idea brought together 3 passionate fellows : Mathieu Haddad, Prabhdeep Singh and May Shawi. They put together their knowledge in networking, social media, engineering and programming with one aim: bringing people back together and facilitating face to face interaction using a technology that has been taking us, human beings, apart of each other for too long.

After many adventures, the 3 fellows are happy to introduce you to the next thing that will change the way people interact with each other: Annecto app.

Mathieu Haddad, President
May Shawi, Chief Development Officer
Prabhdeep Singh, Chief Technology Officer
Maria Shibaeva, Chief Brand Officer
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